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“Holding your oral health safely in our hands”

Our Mission

Connecting patients with doctors who not only look like them but share in some of the experiences they’ve had and inherently can exhibit empathy for them.

Black American adults are more likely than any other racial or ethnic minorities to develop periodontal disease and oral and pharyngeal cancers. They also have less likelihood of early diagnosis leading to a less than five-year survival rate. Blacks bear a disproportionate burden of oral diseases and conditions due to untreated tooth decay because they are often uninsured with poor access to dental care.

Studies have shown significant implicit bias that has greatly influenced the quality of care received by Black Americans.
What if there was a solution to increase the oral healthcare outcomes of black patients where there is comfort and security in familiarity and resemblance?

Introducing: Black-Owned Dental Practices, a national directory of black dentists! One site. One people. One purpose.

Our goal is to restore the trust and oral health of our people and to make ourselves easily identifiable. No longer will the question that pervades the black community in American cities be “where is a black dentist?” We exist to address the health disparities, implicit bias and implicit racism. Now, more than ever, we must bind closer together as brothers & sisters, using our resources, gifts, and talents for the betterment of our people.

Black owned dental practices:
“Holding your oral health safely in our hands”

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